Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does FIU need my gift?
    Philanthropy provides the margin of excellence that enables FIU to become an even greater university, steadfast in its commitments to addressing society’s most pressing challenges and educating the changemakers of the future. Through philanthropy, FIU can fulfill its commitments and determine its future.
  • How will the campaign benefit students?
    The campaign will benefit students directly, through scholarships, student-centric initiatives that support their academic success, and research opportunities, and indirectly, through state-of-the-art learning facilities and research excellence that boosts the value of an FIU degree.
  • Will all units benefit from the campaign?
    FIU’s big ideas are multidisciplinary in nature and involve the work and commitment of many colleges and units. As we elevate these programs through the campaign, the whole university will benefit from campaign investments. And of course, we want donor investors to give to the areas they wish to support.
  • How will my gift make an impact in such a large campaign?
    It is only with the support of alumni, parents, and friends across all giving levels and investments from corporations and foundations that we will achieve our Next Horizon goal. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a substantial difference at FIU, funding scholarships, academic programs, technology upgrades, facility enhancements, and more. Each year, every gift, regardless of the amount, improves the FIU experience for our students.
  • How were the campaign priorities determined?

    The campaign funding priorities embody President Rosenberg’s vision for elevating FIU to greater levels of excellence in student success and research. The campaign priorities are aligned with the goals of the FIUBeyondPossible2020 Strategic Plan. Through the campaign, we seek investments in FIU’s strengths; in its big ideas; and in the people, facilities, and programs that will secure FIU’s role as a Next Horizon university for years to come. FIU’s strategic plan can be found at

  • What is an endowed chair or professorship, and why are they so important?
    Endowed professorships and chairs are funded in perpetuity. The income from endowments provides continuous funding for professor and chair salaries and their teaching and research activities. As a result, these endowments help a university become more self-sufficient and achieve long-term stability, despite fluctuations in state appropriations or research funding. Endowed professorships and chairs help universities attract and retain nationally and internationally recognized leaders in academic disciplines; high-achieving, early-career faculty sought after by other institutions; and other accomplished scholars in higher education. These positions also elevate the stature of a college or school and signal its expertise in particular areas of research.
  • What form can a gift take, and what kind of assets can be given?
    A charitable gift can be created using cash, stock, retirement plan assets, life insurance, real estate, tangible personal property, and other nonmonetary assets (like patents or music rights). The timing of your gift might be important for personal, family, business, or tax planning reasons. Development professionals can work with donors to turn their ideas into charitable impact.
  • What is an endowment?
    An endowment is an investment in the future of FIU, because endowed funds support activities not just for one year, or even one generation, but forever. Endowments are created when donated money or other financial assets are invested in perpetuity by the university. The return on investment is used to fund opportunities such as scholarships and endowed professorships, or for other purposes that serve the donor’s wishes. Contact a development professional to discuss your interest.

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