Accelerate Research and Discoveries

FIU is breaking new ground, with promising developments to tackle society’s grand challenges. We have the expertise, but we need partners to help FIU researchers turn these big ideas into solutions. This campaign objective will attract funding for research priorities at FIU. These include the FIU-designated Preeminent and Emerging Preeminent programs and research priorities identified by our colleges and units. Research investment can secure advanced equipment, fund faculty cluster hires that bolster FIU’s expertise, build facilities and laboratories, and establish research institutes. It can raise seed funding for emerging research too new to secure grants, fuel global research initiatives beyond the scope of any one government’s coffers, and support critical fieldwork here and around the world.

To accelerate research and discovery, FIU needs the resources to attract and retain the best faculty in targeted areas, now and for years to come. Creating new knowledge, finding cures, and inventing novel devices are long-term enterprises, and endowed professorships, chairs, and research funds provide the means to support years of experimentation and creativity. Finding solutions also requires interdisciplinary teams, and this campaign objective will make investment in the new faculty and postdoctoral fellows that these teams need a priority.

Funding Opportunities

Preeminent Programs:

  • Center for Children and Families
  • Extreme Events Institute
  • Global Forensic and Justice Center
  • Institute for Resilient and Sustainable Coastal Infrastructure
  • Institute of Water and Environment
  • STEM Transformation Institute

Emerging Preeminent Programs:

  • Brain, Behavior, and the Environment Program
  • Cybersecurity@FIU
  • FIU Tropics
  • Health Inequities and Disparities Program
  • Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center
  • Translational Molecular Discoveries
  • The Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab

Other Areas of Need:

  • Seed Funding for Emerging Research
  • Laboratories and Advanced Equipment
  • Multidisciplinary Faculty and Research Teams
  • Global Research Initiatives
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Research Infrastructure (travel, equipment, labs)
  • Graduate Student Support
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Graduate Student Fellowships and Research Awards (direct support)

Your Impact on Research and Discoveries

Years after his hand was amputated in a traumatic accident, a hand amputee can “feel” again, thanks to technology FIU engineers have developed. Ranu Jung, the Wallace H. Coulter Eminent Scholar and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, holds six patents related to the development of neural-enabled prosthetic hand systems. Her research at FIU is helping restore sensation to amputees. Read more >

Ranu Jung